Traditional Medicine Spots Lung

Turns kola efficacious as traditional medicine lung spots. Who would have thought the plants were mostly found in vacant land, orchards and rice fields have proved rich in benefits and a lot of usefulness. Inappropriate in the Sunda region, this plant is often used as a friend to eat fresh vegetables daily. Let's consider the following story.

At the age of 4 years Hilal Ahmar should feel the long-term medical drug therapy. However Ekal, the father, not the heart toddler must undergo intensive treatment. On the advice of a friend, the child was given a drink extract of Centella asiatica / hoof. A month later, lung small Hilal finally completely clean of lung spots.

Tempe Traditional Food Health Benefit

Tempe is a rich traditional food products, especially for the health benefits. Benefits Tempe nutrient-rich and has a variety of health benefits. William Shurtleff an author of The Book of Tempeh describe that tempeh as "A Super Soyfood from Indonesia". This is because the unmatched benefits for health tempeh.

Tracing the origins of tempeh quite difficult as it faces several obstacles, such as writing and language factors. Ancient Javanese script is almost extinct and ancient Javanese language almost turned into a new Java language.

Purple Sweet Potato Eating Can Increase Weight Loss

Perhaps there are still many who consider eye one food that he is a culprit causing fart. Plants that have a Latin name "Ipomea batatas Poiret" it was already widely used as an ingredient to make dumplings, cakes, cookies and even ice cream. Compared to other sweet potato richer in vitamin A which reached 7,700 mg per 100 grams. hundreds of times the amount of vitamin A bi-fold and 3 of the tomatoes.Purple sweet potato is a source of carbohydrates and a source of calories high enough. purple sweet potato also contains lysine, Cu, Mg, K, Zn average of 20%. For other deposits exist on purple sweet potato is the protein, fat, crude fiber and ash. total content of antiosianin purple sweet potato is 519 mg wet weight of 100 gr.

Nutmeg fruit Relieve Stress and Insomnia

One of the country's favorite spice is nutmeg. In addition to having a high economic value, nutmeg is also a versatile herb. Levels of the chemical so the natural solution to relieve stress and insomnia disorders
Nutmeg (Myristica fragan Haitt) is an herb native to Indonesia. Has long been known as the nutmeg spice essential oil. This oil is one of the basic ingredients in the beverage and cosmetic industries. In general, the benefits of nutmeg is taken from the bark to the flesh.

Black Ear Mushroom, Open Vein Occlusion

Black mushroom or in Latin, auricularia auricular useful to cure various diseases. Besides the delicious taste, black ear mushrooms can also be as a healer of heart disease, lowering cholesterol, anti-blood coagulation, blood vessels and may also precipitate as antipendarahan.
With black mushroom consume every day, then blood will flow smoothly, avoid a stroke, heart or brain, due to a blockage in the blood vessels. Moreover, these days a lot of people affected by paralysis or stroke and heart attack. This disease can affect anyone, no matter rich or poor, young or old, can all be affected. And recovery also requires quite a long time. So it could be burdensome for people with low income. A lot of cost and effort must be spent due to this disease. Therefore, from now on, it helps us to prevent than cure.

Eating cabbage can Overcome Constipation

Cabbage or cabbage is usually called with the kind of vegetables in the Brassica family such as broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. Cabbage or cabbage are easy to find in Indonesia.

Cabbage is one of the main ingredients for pecel or regular menu also served as vegetables.
Way to get the benefits of eating cabbage is best eaten raw. There are many benefits contained in vegetables cabbage, namely:

Eggplant can Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

Maybe eggplant is one diet that is often served at your table. But you know the benefits of eggplant for our health? In this paper, some information will be distributed to the health benefits of eggplant.

Lose Its Nerve Tense
The content of scopoletin and scoparone contained in eggplant believed to reduce the psychological shock and reduce stress. Besides eggplant also can prevent epilepsy and other causes of stress.